25 December 2013

10 December 2013

Ottawa Branch OGS Meeting - Saturday December 14th

Saturday, December 14, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa. Room 115

1:00-1:30 Free refreshments and networking

Speaker:  Andrew Jeanes is a Culture Services Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and studied heritage conservation under Herb Stovel at Carleton University’s School of Canadian Studies.

Topic:  Freiman’s Santa Claus Train.  Ottawa’s premier department store, Freiman’s, operated the Santa Claus train from 1956 to 1967.  Santa boarded the train, surrounded by children, at Vars, whose former station is now preserved at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.  The arrival to a civic welcome at Union Station, followed by a parade down Rideau Street to Freiman’s was a major Ottawa event.

Please check the Branch web site www.ogsottawa.on.ca/ for last minute changes.

05 December 2013

Don't forget to back up your computer files.

Backup your hard drive. If you have not done a backup so far this month make it a priority today.

You may also want to consider backing up files you have  been working on during a particular day.
You could use a USB or Thumb drive for that!