27 March 2013

Bytown/Ottawa Settlers

This series of posts will deal with the settlers of present day [2013] Ottawa. There are three distinct settlements starting with;
1. Hull, Que settled by Philemon Wright in 1800
2. Richmond Military Settlement, mainly Goulbourn Twp, Richmond, Stittsville and Ashton area, 
    which started in the fall of 1818 and consisted mainly of soldiers of the 99th/100th Reg't
3. Rideau Canal settlement started when Lt/Col John By came to the area [eventually Bytown ]
     in 1826/1827  to build the Rideau Canal

I will post on alternate Wednesdays between visits to Ottawa City Archives where I will gather info/data to post and rotate thru the three settlements above.
My interest is #2 as my GrGr Grandfather settled there in May 1819 and its bi-centennial is in 5 years

A place to start searching for an ancestor is at   http://www.bytown.net

In 2 weeks, 10 Apr 2013, data/info on Hull and Philemon Wright settlers  

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