06 May 2013

Future of Region 8

The recommendations of the OGS Governance Review include doing away with the Regional Directors and replacing them with province-wide directors with certain skills. If this change is made, what happens to regions? Do we need to keep them, perhaps adjusted in size and content? Would this benefit the branches/SIGs by allowing better relationships between them. Or do we just leave it and allow branches/SIGs to "affiliate" with however they like, if any? What's the advantage to keeping the regions or is there a better way to do things?

Here in Region 8, I believe we have a strong organization and we communicate regularly with those other genealogical groups that are interested: LCGS, BIFHSGO and UOVGG. What do you think of the practice of including these groups and should this level of cooperation spread across the province?


  1. The situation in Eastern Ontario is likely rather exceptional. The OGS-independent groups are fairly strong. Given the exceptional nature that should not be a significant consideration in OGS deciding on its governance structure. Cooperation within Eastern Ontario can be maintained, if the societies desire, perhaps using social media and organizing region meetings as add-ons to regular member society meetings.

  2. Thanks, John. My concern is that this cooperation has been enabled primarily by the OGS Regional Director and/or Secretary. If these positions disappear, will the groups continue to maintain contact on their own, or should there be another mechanism put into place. And considering that it is an exceptional situation in Eastern Ontario, how do we present this issue to the rest of the Society/hobby.