17 August 2013

You Don’t Need to Know What You’re Looking For But You Do Need to Know What You’ve Found

Are you new to family history research? If you are doing the work to produce a family history, you will want it to be useful to your descendants and other relatives. Where do you learn the best methods?  When do you use abbreviations? How do you record a place? How do you record a married woman? What if they don’t spell their name like we do? How do you cite your sources? What other information can you find on-line? Where can you find more information on your family? Where do you find out about computer programs? How do you handle old photographs? And much much more.


Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has been bringing together people who share a common interest in genealogy for more than forty years.  Learn how to make use of the information that you find on line and in other research facilities. The Society has 3500 members. Ottawa Branch holds our own monthly meetings as well as an annual conference where speakers share their knowledge and experience on a wide variety of genealogical subjects. We produce quarterly journals with valuable tips and idea. Our reference library of useful information is housed in the City of Ottawa Central Archives.

There are also special interest groups in Ottawa Branch for Irish Research and Computers.
Ottawa Branch OGS:

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