15 February 2014

Ontario Genealogical Society at a Crossroads - A Message from the President

Over the last weeks, information has been distributed about the Society elections on May 3, 2014. Like many organizations, OGS finds itself at a crossroads. To be relevant in the future we need to understand not only who we have been and who we are, but who we need to be. We have been “Community, Education, and Advocacy” to serve our mission and objectives on behalf of our members and the broader genealogical community.

Now...The Society has a new governance model and seeks candidates for all positions – President, Vice - President and 4 - 6 Directors - at - Large. As President, I have spoken with many members, both veteran and new, and all have a desire to see a strong society taking us into the next era of genealogical service. Many are getting older or are already doing several jobs within the Branch, Special Interest Group (SIG) or Society. Others have already served in many ways throughout their membership. We are looking to new members to step up and take on roles, either within the Branch or SIG, or on the Society’s Board

Many feel there are members who would be willing and capable of taking on these positions but are waiting to be asked. It is also a fact that the greater the numbers , the less likely someone is to volunteer, the assumption being that someone else will step forward.

Please consider yourself asked.

Whether you have been a long - time or recent member, whether actively involved or “quiet”, please consider the skills and qualities you possess and the passion you have for helping your Society as we come to this crossroads in our history – our future

We need members with skills in a variety of categories as outlined in the Call for Nominations found in the OGS Members Only area: https://www.ogs.on.ca/membersonly/mem_sign_in.php . No one candid ate must be all things; each will bring his or her own unique skill(s). These will change over time as the needs of The Society change; new Directors in future years will bring new sets of skills. Over the long - term, OGS will stay strong and meet its mission:
To encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage.

Please consider where you fit into our future. If there is a part you can play on the OGS Board, now is the time to step forward. If you see another whom you might replace within your Branch/SIG to allow them to step forward, think about doing so now. Let’s find motivated people who are passionate about OGS, prepared to use their skills on behalf of others, willing to bring fresh ideas and, most of all, prepared to work jointly as a Board to actively make these things happen on behalf of all members of The Society.
Our Society cannot continue to exist if there is no one to lead.

Yes, together we are at a crossroads. Together we must choose the right direction.

Together we are OGS!

Please see the OGS Members Only area:https://www.ogs.on.ca/membersonly/mem_sign_in.php for more details.

Make arrangements for further discussion or to get answers to your questions by emailing nominations@ogs.on.ca or president@ogs.on.ca .

Call for Candidates closes February 21, 2014.

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