25 April 2014

Scenic View Bicycle Races

There are two bicycle races which tour thru Ireland and England this summer as follows.
Data is available at   http://www.steephill.tv
Tour of Italy.  Giro d'Italia  TV channel to view, TBA, as well as our time here in down town Ottawa
Starts Thurs 8 May 2014  17:30  Belfast City Hall.
Stage 1.  Fri. 9 May 2014  17:45-20:00
               Team Time Trial.  Belfast  to  Belfast.  Starts  Titanic Belfast  21.7K long
                Each team of 9 Cyclists race around the Course. Team time is taken when the 5th cyclist
                crosses the finish line. As these races last 3 weeks their time accumulates with each
                days race.
Stage 2. Sat 10 May 2014.  10:50-15:25 Belfast to Belfast via north Coast 
              Starts Titanic, Belfast.  Finishes Belfast City Hall   219.0K
              The races can be filmed from a motor cycle or a Helicopter, the later provides some
               great scenery.
Stage 3. Sunday 11 May 2014.  11:45-16:00.  Armagh to Dublin
              Starts the Mall, Armagh.  Finishes Upper Merrion St Dublin.
             On Monday the race shifts to southern Italy and resumes on Tuesday,
             and finishes in Trieste on 1 June

FYI, there is another race, The Tour d'France which starts in England [Leeds to London]
on 5-7 July 2014 and also lasts for 3 weeks, ends in Paris 27 July 2014.
More info later

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