21 November 2014

Bad Weather Genealogy


Although we have not suffered like our neighbours in Buffalo NY this week, our own forecast for Saturday is mainly cloudy, with 70 percent chance of snow or rain late in the afternoon then 70 percent chance of rain or drizzle in the evening. That's not too bad but there may be times when the weather limits our ability to attend the Ottawa Branch meetings. What can you do?

You could sit at home and research on line. But you can also attend the Branch meeting. Our regular monthly presentations are web cast, so you don;t even need to leave your cozy home. You will miss out on the camaraderie as well as the drinks and cookies. But you can still listen to the speakers and see all the slides.

Instructions are on our website at http://ogsottawa.on.ca/. Click on the date on the calendar and scroll down to the instructions.

The Ottawa TMG User Group also web cast their meetings each month. The details can be found at http://ottawa-tmg-ug.ca/index.htm.

The next Ottawa Branch meeting is 1:30pm on Sat 22 Nov: A Case Study from the First World War

1:00-1:30: Networking & Refreshments 
1:30-3:00: A Soldier of the Great War: A Research Case Study For our presentation this month, Ottawa genealogist Ken McKinlay will discuss a case study of an individual who served in the First World War.

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