10 August 2011

Timeline Aug 10 to 13

Aug 10
1876  From Brantford, Alexander Graham Bell made a call to Paris, Ontario, which is now recognized as the world's first long distance call.
1966  Nine workers were killed and 59 injured in Ottawa's worst construction disaster. The south span of the Heron Road bridge collapsed into the Rideau River.

Aug 11
1796  In conformity with Jay's Treaty, the British evacuated Fort Niagara and the Americans moved in.
1888  John Gillies, founder of the Gillies Brothers lumber empire based at Braeside on the Ottawa River, died at 77 in Carleton Place.

Aug 12
1814  The last naval action on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812 took place when Captain Alexander T Dobbs and his seamen embarked near Craigleith in Grey County and seized two armed US schooners lying off Fort Erie.
1889  An imperial act defined the boundaries of Ontario and Manitoba.
1939  Bata Limited,the largest footwear manufacturer in the world, was established in Toronto by Thomas Bata.

Aug 13
1816  Thomas Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, a principal shareholder of the Hudson's Bay Co., left Sault Ste Marie with a contingent of mercenaries and seized the North-West Co. headquarters in Fort William. He took this action after learning the Metis, goaded by the NWC, had attacked his colony at Red River.
1863  John Sandfield Macdonald became prime minister of the United Canadas and continued in office until March 14, 1864.

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