14 August 2011

Timeline Aug 14 to 20

Aug 14
1814  A blockhouse built by Lt. Miller Worsley at Fort Nottawasaga was destroyed by American forces.
1828  Sir John Colborne was appointed lieutenant governor of Upper Canada.

Aug 15
1892  The electric streetcar came to Toronto.
1974  The Metropolitan Toronto Zoo, comprising a 710 acre park, officially opened.

Aug 16
1812  Isaac Brock's troops, aided by 6,000 Indians under Tecumseh, captured Fort Detroit - a pivotal event in the War of 1812.
1827  Captain John Franklin, later to perish trying to find the Northwest passage, laid a cornerstone at the third lock in the entrance to the Rideau Canal at Bytown.

Aug 17
1870  The "Great Fire of 1870" devastated large areas of Carleton County and threatened the southern and western outskirts of Ottawa.
1918  The first air mail delivery occurred when a biplane flew from Toronto to Ottawa in three hours and forty minutes.

Aug 18
1862  Simon Fraser, fur trader and explorer, died on his farm near St. Andrews, Stormont County.
1938  The Thousand Islands International Bridge, linking Canada and the United States across the St. Lawrence River from Ivy Lee, Ontario to Collins Landing, New York, was opened by Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United states.

Aug 19
1859  At 31, Blondin, the greatest of the Niagara daredevils, successfully carried his manager Harry Colcord on his back along a tightrope stretching 60 metres above the river gorge from Canadian soil to the American side.
1942  Six battalions of the Canadian Second Division made a frontal assault on German defenders of Dieppe, France. Of the 5,000 who took part in the raid, 900 were killed, and 1,300 were taken prisoner.
1944  An area about 8 km east of the village of Chalk River was chosen as the site for the Anglo-Canadian Nuclear Centre - named the DHL Petawawa Works.

Aug 20
1822  The first town meeting in March Township was held at the Erskine Arms on Arnprior Road.
1955  Governor General Vincent Massey opened the Boy Scout World Jamboree at Niagara.

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