04 December 2011

Timeline Dec 4 to 6

Dec 4
1585  John Cotton, American Puritan leader, was born. Died Dec. 23, 1652.
1835  Sir Richard Cartwright, finance minister for Canada from 1873-8 and minister of trade and commerce from 1896-1911, was born at Kingston.
1837  Lt-Col Robert Moodie, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812, was fatally shot trying to warn Lt-Gov Sir Francis Bond that armed rebels were advancing on Toronto.
1838  A force of American and Canadian supporters of William Lyon Mackenzie crossed from Detroit to Windsor capturing the town and burning militia barracks before being routed by Canadian militia under Col John Prince.

Dec 5
1782  Martin Van Buren, the eighth U.S. president 1837-41, was born in Kinderhook, N.Y. [He is my 3rd cousin 6 times removed!]
1837  William Lyon Mackenzie lead a force down Yonge St (Toronto) to Gallow's Hill, where they encountered government troops. Fighting lasted only a few minutes with the rebels retreating to Montgomery's Tavern.
1904  Desmond Burke, the youngest ever marksman to win the King's Prize at Bisley, England in 1924, was born on Ottawa.
1925  The Ottawa Senators won the Grey Cup for the first time when they defeated the Winnipeg Tigers 42-1.

Dec 6
1678  Father Louis Hennepin, sailing from Dominique La Motte de Luciere up the Niagara River, was the first European to record seeing Niagara Falls.
1896  Ira Gershwin, American lyricist of Broadway musicals and films, was born.

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