24 December 2011

War of 1812

Treaty of Ghent 24 Dec 1814

Seems strange to make a post of a peace treaty before the War has actually started. But??
Three American delegates were in St Peterburg, Russia 6 Jan 1814, attempting to persuade Emperor Alexander to mediate. 2 more American delegates were sent to Gothenburg, Sweden arriving 14 Apr 1814. Three British delegates were in Ghent 15 May 1814, one being Henry Goulbourn. Ghent was chosen as it was close to London and all decisions on the British part were to be made by the PM, Colonial Secretary and the Foreign Secretary. The treaty was finally signed on Christmas eve. One of the American delegates, Jonathan Russell, said "Perhaps never was a joint mission so disjointed and scattered". Due to the communications that existed at the time the treaty was not ratified by the Americans til Feb 1815. Still events occurred. More later,
[in 3 years] The next posts will follow the calender dates, disregarding the year, til 18 June 2012

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