08 January 2012

Timeline Jan 8 to 10

Jan 8
1642  Astronomer Galileo Galilei died in Arcetri, Italy.
1815  U.S. forces led by Gen. Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans.
1879  The first issue of La Gazette d'Ottawa was published.
1935  Rock 'n' roll singer Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Miss. Died Aug. 16, 1977.
1948  William Lyon Mackenzie King established the record for being prime minister longer than any other government leader in the British Commonwealth.
1954  The world's longest crude-oil pipeline reached Sarnia after stretching 2,850 km. from the province of Alberta.

Jan 9
1885  An international bridge crossing the St. Mary's River at Sault Ste Marie opened.
1886  T.P. "Tommy" Gorman, one of the five men involved in the birth of the National Hockey League in 1917 was born in Ottawa.
1889  The Niagara Suspension bridge collapsed during a bad storm.
2001  Apple Computer Inc. introduced its iTunes music management software at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.
2007  Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.

Jan 10
1776  Thomas Paine published the pamphlet "Common Sense."
1842  Sir Charles Bagot arrived in Upper Canada to take up his post as Governor General of British North America.
1923  John Cunningham McLennan of Ingersoll successfully produce a significant quantity of liquid helium. He received the KBE for discovering cosmic rays.
1935  Ronnie Hawkins, Rock singer and musician, was born in Huntsville, Arkansas.
1964  The Beatles' first album in the United States, "Introducing the Beatles," was released.

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