30 January 2012

War of 1812

Just a review of 'happenings'
On my blog http://walkingwithjim.blogspot.com/ I posted on 18 Dec 'Walking with Joseph'
He is my gr gr grandfather, Joseph Stanzel, and is walking around Europe in the years leading up to 1812.
On 19 Jan I posted 'Walking with Andrew'. He is Andrew Spearman a Sgt in 100th Regiment and he is walking around 'Canada' before the war started 18 June 1812. Both settled in Goulbourn Twp
Each will have two more posts, alternating monthly, around the 18th of the month.
Feb is a slow month as most Armies went into Winter Quarters and planned their activities for the next 'season' of conflict. My next post will be about the adventure of the 104th Regiment as they marched from Fredericton, NB to Quebec and eventually to Niagara area.

An excellent source of info on War of 1812 is Canada's Legion Magazine and their web site
www.Legionmagazine.com The last issue, Jan/Feb 2012, has three articles, the main one is by Donald E Graves.
Under Features click on '1812 The war that Saved Canada' Their Mag is the best bargain one can find, six issues a year, bi monthly, for $7.00. At end of above article is this quote
"As public interest in the War of 1812 continues to build, Legion magazine and its website will be a solid source of information on the war and its 200th Anniversary commemorations.
So please check us out!"

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