26 February 2012

Timeline Feb 26 & 27

Feb 26
1794  Augustus Jones began his first official survey of Yonge St.
1815  Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island of Elba to begin his second conquest of France.
1920  Parliament assembled for the first time in the rebuilt Parliament Buildings. The old building were destroyed by fire in 1916.
1920  The government passed the Dominion Elections Act giving the  federal vote to every eligible Canadian over 21, male or female. With exceptions.
1960  Ann Heggtveit of Ottawa won the 1960 Winter Olympics Slalom gold medal at Squaw Valley. CA.

Feb 27
1796  Yonge St. from York to the headwaters of Lake Huron was opened by a detachment of the Queen's Rangers.
1862  Nicholas Sparks died. He was Bytown's first tycoon and served on the first town council in 1847.
1909  Ontario received its official coat of arms by a proclamation issued on behalf of King Edward VII.

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