16 February 2012

War of 1812

16 Febuary 1813

On this date 199 years ago the 104th Regiment started their march to Quebec City. They would eventually end up in Niagara area via Montreal and Kingston. A short description of their march is in Burton's 'Flames Across the Border, 1813-1814' pages 15-17, accessable thru Google Books.
Six Companies made the march, one leaving each day, the first was the Grenadier Co leaving on 16 Feb and the last was the Light Company leaving on the 21st of Feb. In a fortnight the entire Reg't was in Quebec City. They went on to Kingston arriving 12 Apr. " In just 52 days, close to 600 troops have marched more than 700 miles, most on snowshoes under the worst possible conditions without losing a man"
Latimer in his '1812 War with America' tells another version pages 122-124.

I read somewhere where a unit from Petawawa, Ont will re-enact this march on its 200 Anniversary next winter

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