27 April 2012

War of 1812

I have just received the May/June 2012 issue of Legion Magazine. Headline is
'War Declared  The Battle with America Begins'. Contains a Feature 'Battlefields Then and Now'.
Battle of Lacolle Mill  30 March 1814 is highlighted. Also an Article 'The Call to Arms' by
Donald E. Graves. Another Feature is called '1812 Journal, Then and Now' which compares events in 1812 with events in 2012.
Of interest locally is an exhibition at the War Museum entitled 'Four Wars of 1812' which opens on 15 June. Anyone interested in this magazine can purchase a yearly subscription for $7.00 + tax for  six issues.   www.legionmagazine.com
Also 'Fort Wellington 1812 Garrison Weekend' 19-21 May  Prescott, Ont
Also Celebrate the Canadian Forces 5 June 2012  Across Canada  "Wing it"
Anyone interested in real Old stuff. The Hudson Bay Company celebrates their 342nd anniversary
on 2 May 2012
There are many more happenings in June

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