08 June 2012

Timeline June 7 to 9

June 7
1654  Louis XIV (the Sun King) was crowned King of France in Rheims.
1939  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, arrived at Niagara Falls, NY from Canada, on the first visit to the US by a reigning British Monarch.
1940  Tom Jones, singer, was born.

June 8
1625  Gian Domenico Cassini, Italian born French astronomer was born.
1810  Robert Schumann, German romantic composer, was born.
1867  Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect and writer, was born.

June 9
1672  Peter I (The Great), Russian emperor,  was born.
1870  Charles John Huffman Dickens, English writer and social critic, died at age 58.
1891  Cole Porter, American composer, was born in Peru, Indiana.

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