08 June 2012

War of 1812

15 June 2012
Canada Post will issue two stamps "Heroes of the War of 1812"  honouring British Major-General Isaac Brock and Shawnee warrior Tecumseh

13 June 2012 and continuing to 6 January 2013
"The Canadian War Museum is marking the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a monumentous event in Canadian history, with one of the largest and most innovative exibitions it has ever produced. 1812 examines the history through the perspectives of the four central participants - Canadians, Americans, the British and Native Americans - to provide a richer and deeper understanding of the conflict that helped shape Canada into the nation it is today"
The above is from a beautiful invitation I received to the above event. Illustrated on the invitation are four pictures representing the four participitants above. Laura Secord; Francis Scott Key; a Royal Navy Sailor and Oshawana.         warmuseum.ca/1812    "One War Four Perspectives"

This exibition is entitled "1812 and Faces Of 1812", a companion exibition created by Library and Archives Canada

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