11 September 2012

Timeline September 11 & 12

September 11
1297  Battle of Stirling Bridge: Scots jointly led by William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeat the English.
1936  US President Franklin D Roosevelt dedicated Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam) in Nevada by pressing a key in Washington to signal the start up of the dam's first hydroelectric generator.
1939  World War II: Canada declares war on Germany.
1962  The Beatles recorded their first single, "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You," at EMI studios in London, England.
1997  Scots voted to create their own Parliament after 290 years of union with England.
2001  Suicide hijackers crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in New York, causing the 110 story twin towers to collapse. Another hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

September 12
1492  Lorenzo de'Medici, Florentine ruler 1513-19, was born.
1609  English explorer Henry Hudson sailed into the river that bears his name.
1818  Richard Gatling, American inventor, was born.
1954  Lassie made its TV debut on CBS.
1959  Bonanza premiered on NBC.
2003  Country musician Johnny Cash died at age 71.

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