20 March 2014

An Invitation to Join the Ottawa Branch Council

Would you like to increase your involvement in Ottawa Branch activities? Becoming a member of the Branch Council is a fulfilling way in which to use your skills and interests to help sustain and improve services for fellow members. The camaraderie is rewarding too!

The terms of several of our current Executive Committee members end at our Annual General Meeting on 21 Jun 2014. In accordance with our Bylaws, elections must be held at that time to fill vacant positions. The Nominations Committee is now looking for members who would be willing to stand for election. If you would be interested in finding out about Branch Council roles and discussing how you could contribute your energy and talents to the future success of the Branch, see http://ogsottawa.on.ca/home/about-2/ or contact Mike More at pastchair@ogsottawa.on.ca.

Consider running for a position at our upcoming Jun elections. Your support is needed to handle the tasks of Publications Sales, Member-at Large, Mail and other key positions.

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