04 March 2014

Calling on the descendants of those buried at the Barrack Hill Cemetery, Ottawa

From the CBC:

"Human remains and casket material were discovered on Sept. 19 last year under Queen Street during preparation work for the city’s light-rail transit tunnel. The discovery stopped work on the LRT there.

The province informed the public of its intentions in a notice in newspapers last week.

'The individuals buried at the Barrack Hill Cemetery lived alongside the founders of the nation's capital, were its earliest inhabitants and some of them possibly helped build the Rideau Canal. Accordingly, these grounds can be considered to be of great historical and archaeological significance,' the notice read.


If descendants can't agree on what to do, the question goes to an arbitrator, said D'Mello.

If no family comes forward, the work falls to a minister who will oversee their respectful re-interment at an existing Ottawa graveyard"

If your ancestors are buried at the site please contact Ontario's Registrar of Cemeteries (email: michael.d'mello@ontario.ca, phone:416-326-8404) by March 21.

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