20 March 2015

News from Conference 2015 - Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

NEWS FLASH:  Tour information has now been posted on the conference website (www.ogs.on.ca/conference).  We invite you to check it out and see if they are of interest to you.  If you have already registered for the Conference, you will be getting an email about how to add tours to your registration.
NEWS FLASH TWO: Due to the delay in finalizing the tours, we have extended the Early Bird deadline to April 10thThe Conference Committee also felt that the late departure of Winter from most of Canada had prevented many people from thinking about travelling, and for those who have managed a winter escape, we offer the opportunity to focus on their spring upon their return.  If you have friends or colleagues who were hesitating, please tell them that they can still join us in Barrie by visiting the website and registering for Conference.

If you can help us publicize the conference we would really appreciate it.  We have a one-page poster, and one-page (double-sided) flyer, and an invitation to Join Us which we would be happy to send you electronically.  If you could post even one of them at your local Library, Seniors’ Center or other gathering place where people who have an interest in family history might hang out, we can reach a new audience and hopefully get them interested in our genealogy hobby.  If you want to receive any of these items, please send an email to conference@ogs.on.ca and we’ll be happy to supply them.

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