15 March 2012

Timeline Mar 15 to 17

Mar 15
44 BC Roman dictator Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of nobles that included Brutus and Cassius.
1493  Christopher Columbus returned to Spain, concluding his first voyage to the Western Hemisphere.
1778  Captain James Cook reaches the west coast of Vancouver Island with his ships Resolution and Discovery, on the way to search for a North West Passage from the Pacific.
1827  Shades' Mills became the town of Galt.
1918  "Punch" Imlach, who coached the Toronto Maple Leafs to four Stanley Cups, was born in Toronto.
1964  Actress Elizabeth Taylor and actor Richard Burton were married for the first time.
2003  The World Health Organization issued a worldwide health alert for the respiratory illness SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Mar 16
1521  Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines, where he was killed by natives the following month.
1649  A war party of 1,000 Iroquois overran the town of Saint-Ignace. Father Jean de Brebeuf was tortured to death at the near by Saint-Louis mission.
1846  The Earl of Cathcart was appointed Governor General of British North America.
1916  Canada signs Migratory Bird Treaty with the US; due to Jack Miner's work.
1983  The Rideau Centre opened in Ottawa.

Mar 17
461  According to tradition, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, died. Other sources list the year as 493.
1649  Father Gabriel Lalement was tortured to death by the Iroquois at Sainte-Marie des Hurons.
1776  British forces evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War.
1829  In Bytown, Irish labourers celebrated St. Patrick's Day by parading. Fighting erupted and one man was killed and many injured.
1858  In Toronto a brawl broke out during the St. Patrick's Day parade. One man was killed.
1964  Canadian Government introduces Canada Pension Plan Bill in House of Commons.

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