04 March 2012

Timeline Mar 4 & 5

Mar 4
1681  England's King Charles II granted a charter to William Penn for an area of land that later became Pennsylvania.
1791  The Constitutional Act dividing Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada was introduced into the British House of Commons by Prime Minister William Pitt.
1814  American and British troops fought the Battle of Longwoods on Battle Hill at Wardsville, between London and Thamesville.
1871  Sandford Fleming appointed engineer in charge of the Canadian Pacific Railway survey.
1881  St. Thomas gets city charter.
1971  Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau married Margaret Sinclair of Vancouver. First Prime Minister to marry while in office.

Mar 5
1512  Gerardus Mercator, Flemish cartographer, was born.
1770  The Boston Massacre took place as British soldiers, taunted by a crowd of colonists, opened fire, killing five people.
1838  Founding of the village of Paris, Ontario.
1838  The town of Kingston was incorporated.
1967  George P. Vanier, Canada's 19th Governor General, died at age 79.

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