10 July 2012

Timeline July 10 & 11

July 10
138   Emperor Hadrian died at Baiae; he is buried at Rome in the Tomb of Hadrian.
1509  John Calvin, French theologian, was born.
1851  Louis-Jacques Daguerre, French inventor and photographer, died (b. 1787)
1856  Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor and researcher was born.
1985  Coca-Cola Co., bowing to pressure from irate customers after the introduction of New Coke, said it would resume selling its old formula.

July 11
1274  Robert I, The Bruce, Scottish King 1306-29, was born. Died June 7, 1329.
1774  Sir William Johnson, Baronet, Irish-born New York pioneer, died (b. 1715).
1776  Captain James Cook begins his third voyage.

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