07 July 2012

War of 1812

From Burtons 'The Invasion of Canada, 1812-1813' Vol. 1 pg 101
...unless Detriot and Michilimackinac be both in our possession at the commencement of hostilities,
not only Amherstburg but most probably the whole country, must be evacuated as far as Kingston.
Isaac Brock, February, 1812

As per my personal SWAG, the above laid the foundation for where we sit today.
Jim Stanzell, July 2012

12 July to 8 Aug 1812
General's Army invades Upper Canada at Sandwich [Windsor]

16 - 25 July 1812
Skirmishes at the Canard River. British troops from Ft. Amherstburg and native allies repell American soldiers in a series of skirmishes.

17 July 2012
British capture Fort Mackinac led by Captain Charles Roberts from Ft. St Joseph. Not a shot was fired. For more detail refer to Burton's book, mentioned above pgs 13-15. Viewable thru Google Books? This is the first major event of the War of 1812

19 July 1812
A five ship Provincial Marine Squadron from Kingston attacks the flagship Oneida at Sackets Harbour but is driven off

July 2012
Toonie carries an image of HMS Shannon

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