07 February 2013

Timeline February 7 to 9

February 7
1301  Edward of Caernarvon (later King Edward II of England) became the first English Prince of Wales.
1804  John Deere, American inventor of agricultural implements, was born.
1812  Charles Dickens, English novelist, was born in Portsmouth, England.
1867  Laura Ingalls Wilder, American author of children's fiction, was born.

February 8
1587  Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle in England after she was implicated in a plot to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.
1677  Jacques Cassini, French astronomer, was born.
1700  Daniel Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician, was born.
1828  Jules Verne, French author, was born.
1879  Sandford Fleming first proposed adoption of Universal Standard Time at a meeting of the Royal Canadian Institute.
1906  Chester Carlson, American physicist and inventor of xerography, was born.

February 9
1775  American Revolutionary War: The British Parliament declared Massachusetts in rebellion.
1900  The Davis Cup competition was established.
1964  The Beatles made their first live American TV appearance, on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
1969  George "Gabby" Hayes, American actor, died.

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