23 February 2013

Who Do You Think You Are - Day 2

This morning we decided to spend a couple of hours in the Science Museum in London.
We saw exhibits on James Watt and Alan Turing.

Watt was much more versatile than what we learned about him in school. We knew him most for the steam engine, but he was into scientific instrument making, musical instruments, pottery, sculpture reproduction etc.  He also developed the concept of Horse Power in order to have a scientific way of charging his industrial customers for the use of his steam engines. I would describe him as the first "Edison" perhaps.

The exhibit about Turing was interesting also. He was involved with code breaking during WW II and contributed much to the invention and development of computing and computers.

We also had time to skim through the displays on the history of medicine
and the science and art of medicine.
We only scratched the surface of this museum!

Navigating the Tube was a different matter today. Two of the main lines were closed for planned
maintenance. This meant that all of the people moving East and West in London were crammed onto one line instead of three. Great fun!

We finally got to the Kensington Oylmpia in the afternoon in time for our volunteer session at the Guild of One-Name Studies. I only worked for a half hour and then removed myself so I could attend an excellent talk given by John Reid and Glenn Wright. Good show guys! I did not see anyone leave and the talk was quite lively. I didn't have tickets but was able to find a standing room place next to Leslie Anderson. Elizabeth worked her time at the Guild table. After that we went booth cruising again and made a few more purchases.

We also ran into Glenn and had a brief chat with him.

The afternoon crowds were as big as the first day of the conference.
We were tired again by evening and were happy to return to our hotel.

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  1. I'm enjoying these updates from WDYTYA! Great to hear that there is an exhibit on Alan Turing at the Science Museum. He was a true hero for the code breaking work he did and yet what was done to him is truly heartbreaking.