10 April 2013

Bytown/Ottawa Settlers No.2

Philemon Wright settles in Hull
A date of this settlement starting is mentioned as 7 March 1800??
A very good reference of the Hull settlers is a book by Patrick M.O. Evans entitled 'The Wrights'
in City of Ottawa Archives stacks ALB0024-1. This book is mainly a 'Genealogy' and consists of 2
separate Indexes. One contains the names of the Wrights and the other contains the names of the others, spouses etc.
  Another book is 'Ottawa Past and Present' by A.D.H. Ross  ALB0058
Pages 12-20 details the settlement of Hull

Philemon Wright arrived with his wife Abigail Wyman and 6 children;
his brother Thomas Wright and his wife Mary Sprague and 7 children.  [Thomas died in 1801]
Samuel Choate and his wife Margery Wyman and 4 children. [They would return home shortly]
John Allen and his wife Lavina Wyman and 4 children
Ref; The Wrights page 27

Suggest anyone with early settlers unable to find any data on them look in these two books, and there are others, and see if their names are mentioned. I am working on an index of Cemeteries on Quebec side and am on the 14th Cemetery. More info on this CD later, probably put on our branch Computer

On  24 Apr I will initiate info on settlement of Goulbourn Twp and area known as the Richmond Military Settlement, the second major settlement of present day Ottawa

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