03 April 2013

TImeline April 3 & 4

April 3
1043  Edward the Confessor was crowned King of England.
1783  Washington Irving, American author of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, was born in New York City.
1823  William M Tweed, American politician & leader of corrupt Tammany Hall organization in New York City was born.
1860  The Pony Express began service between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif.
1882  Outlaw Jesse James was shot to death in St. Joseph, Mo., by Robert Ford, a member of his gang.
1922  Doris Day, actress & singer, was born.
1924  Actor Marlon Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

April 4
1581  Francis Drake was knighted for completing a circumnavigation of the world.
1648  Grinling Gibbons, English wood carver and decorator of St. Paul`s Cathedral, London, England, was born.
1895  Arthur Murray, American ballroom-dancing instructor and entrepreneur, was born.
1949  Twelve nations, including the United States, signed the North Atlantic Treaty.
1968  Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., was shot to death in Memphis, Tenn.
1975  Microsoft was founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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