28 April 2013

Ontario Genealogical Society Governance Review

Shirley Sturdevant  – Ontario Genealogical Society President

As recently announced, the OGS Governance Review Committee completed its findings and the Board posted the report in our Members’ Only section of the website  www.ogs.on.ca . I asked Members to comment on the report and below are some of those received. I look forward to hearing from others as OGS moves forward in implementing th e recommendations within the report.

To that end, the Board formed a Governance Task Force to review the report in more depth and to plan for implementation. The draft implementation plan was presented at a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors on 16 April 2013. The plan dealt with:

·         Restructuring the Board and Its Processes which involves the makeup and conduct of the Board  including skill - based roles for Directors, more involvement of Branches/Special Interest Groups  (SIGs) and Members, improved communication and transparency, review of committees and projects,  possible affiliations, and related steps. This will require ongoing dialogue with our geographic and special interest groups since this affects our current regional structure.

·         Comprehensive Communications Plan to improve communication strategies and technologies within The Society between and among Members, Branches/SIGs, the Board and the Provincial Office as  well as with those outside The Society in efforts to learn from one another and strengthen  relationships including advocacy and marketing strategies.

·         Recruiting the Right People for the Right Jobs focuses on establishing the needs of The Society and defining the roles and terms of reference for Directors.

·         Strive for Greater Financial Sustainability involves establishing a strong OGS Finance Committee to  work with the VP - Finance to strengthen, monitor and evaluate financial processes and holdings;  assist in considering entrepreneurial activities and affiliations in which The Society might  involve itself;  and, strengthen financial reporting to the Membership.

Dialogue with Branches/SIGs and individual Members will be a large part of this process. If you have not already done so, please review the Governance Review Committee’s Report and send your thoughts now to president@ogs.on.ca or watch for other opportunities to be involved in relevant discussion.

Whatever decisions are finally made, many changes to the Society Bylaws will be required. None of these changes will happen without the work of many dedicated Members. A number are already involved but, please, watch the developments and find a spot where your skills and talents can assist in moving The Society forward.

Together we are OGS!  

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