19 November 2013

Boyd family history and the house at 173 Huntmar Drive

The Ottawa Start blog is currently doing a 5 part series on the history of the house at 173 Huntmar Drive in Stittsville. Part two provides a really interesting look at the Boyd family who bought the property around 1872, farmed the land, and built the house that is there today. Included in the article are lovely old photos, newspaper clippings and screen shots of census records.

Parts 3, 4 and 5 will be posted later this week.


  1. I've added parts 3/4/5.
    Part 5 is a few "mysteries and loose ends" - perhaps some of your readers can help? http://ottawastart.com/173huntmar

    In particular - trying to figure out who built "Boyd House". Could be a mason from Richmond called John Scott.

  2. Great series Glen! If anyone has any help for Glen re: who might have built Boyd house, feel free to leave a comment!