03 November 2013

Coming to Ottawa to do research? What you need to know

Last weekend we got a question from someone who had driven from LA to Ottawa to do research on a family member. They only had a few days available for research and wanted to know where to start. Board member John Patton provided the following advice that is useful for anyone planning a trip to Ottawa for research:
  • Day 1: spend your first day at Library and Archives Canada and/or the Ottawa Public library (Main Branch--especially its Ottawa Room).
  • Day 2: spend your second day at the City of Ottawa Archives which, in addition to its own records, also houses the research collections of The Ottawa Branch OGS, the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa and the Sir Guy Carleton Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association.
All of these places have staff and volunteers available to assist you. Don't forget to check the hours of operation for all three when planning your trip.

In advance of your trip - don't forget to apply for your user card for Library and Archives Canada. As OGS member Ken McKinlay told us in his talk at last week's Canada and the First World War event, you can apply for this card online and your user card number is emailed to you within 2 business days. You can also request the documents you would like to review in advance through this online form.

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