06 November 2013

The joyless fate of St. James Anglican Church


 St-James Anglican  Church in old Hull Quebec was sold last year and is now called St-James Décor (furniture); a sad ending. This Church was erected in the time of Philomen Wright. The Anglican St. James Parish, founded in 1823, was the first in the entire region on either side of the Ottawa River. The current church, dating from 1901, succeeded two others that had burned down in 1865 and 1900. The church was the place of worship for most of the early anglophone settlers of Hull, but since 1977, it has served the multi-ethnic francophone Christian Community of Saint-Bernard-de-Clairvaux. An active centre of religious, community and cultural activities, St. James Church, has played an important role in the revitalization of the Promenade du Portage

You can read more on the church at http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/city/story.html?id=5f6ee361-d0fc-4375-80ba-5b766a510528 .

Information on the church cemetery is included at: http://geneofun.on.ca/cems/qc/QCGAT0173?PHPSESSID=f1f0a5df384043ef74950d3861818753

and the church records are listed at http://www.archivescanada.ca/english/search/ItemDisplay.asp?sessionKey=999999999_142&l=0&lvl=1&v=0&coll=0&itm=261115&rt=1&bill=1 .

Thanks to Norah Cousins-La Rocque for this information

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