26 June 2011

Ontario Timeline June 19 to 25

June 19
1791  The Constitutional Act, which provided the basis of government for Upper and Lower Canada during the next half century received Royal assent.
1793  The Upper Canada legislature passed an act prohibiting the importation of slaves into the colony, the first to do so in the British Empire.

June 20
1826  Nicholas Sparks, one of the founding fathers of Ottawa, purchased - for 95 pounds - 200 acres of farmland in the heart of the present capital in the area now bounded by Wellington, Rideau, Waller, Laurier and Bronson.
1830  William Canniff, physician, author and historian of Upper Canada, was born in Thurlow, Hastings County.
1857  Sir Adam Beck, founder of Ontario Hydro, was born in Baden, Ontario.
1877  The first commercial telephone service in Canada began operation in Hamilton, Ontario.

June 21
1856  The Montreal Company installed a submarine telegraph cable between Prescott, Ontario and Ogdensburg, New York.

June 22
1792  Founding at Adolphustown of Upper Canada's first Methodist Church.
1901  The first public memorial erected in Ontario to honour a Canadian woman was a small bust of Laura Secord, unveiled in the Lundy's Lane Battlefield Cemetery in Niagara Falls.

June 23
1611  The English navigator Henry Hudson fell victim to a mutiny after his vessel Discovery left Rupert Bay. Hudson and seven others were set adrift in a boat and never seen again.
1919  The Gillies Brothers mill at Braeside on the Ottawa River was destroyed by fire.

June 24
1918 First Canadian airmail flight took place between Montreal and Toronto with a refueling stop at Kingston. Pilot was Captain B.A. Peck in a JN4 Curtis aircraft.

June 25
1891  The first horseless streetcars rumbled through Ottawa in a five-tram cavalcade.
1976  Toronto's CN Tower formally opened.

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