24 June 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Beaver Dam 25 June 1813

This was not a battle like Chippawa or Lundy's Lane, more like an affair or skirmish.
Laura Secord overheard the Americans talking and what she heard made her take about a 19 mile circuitous route to warn the British. Most of us have heard of Laura Secord but not about the person to whom she gave that information
The person she told was Capt James FitzGibbon of the 49th Reg't.[General Brock's Reg't]
Not much is known about him as he is one of those 'unsung hero's'. A very good account of the 'battle' can be found in his Biography, "A Veteran of 1812" written by his granddaughter Mary Agnes FitzGibbon.
[A copy is in Ottawa Br. Library, call # G-249; Dewey #, B FtzG]
The following is a quote about FitzGibbon taken from inside front dustcover.
"Lt. FitzGibbon was one of the greatest and most venturesome leaders in the War of 1812. The commander of a troop dubbed the Bloody Boys, he practiced a form of guerilla warfare, at the time considered unconventional. A colourful character, early in the fighting, FitzGibbon disguiesd himself as a butter vendor in order to enter and move through an American camp. It was the Lt. who, in 1813, received news from Laura Secord of an impending suprise attack at Beaver Dams. And it was FitzGibbon who, despite being vastly outnumbered, obtained an American surrender two days later. FitzGibbon's success within the military was due in part to Sir Isaac Brock, who recognized the achievements gained thru the Lt's occasional unorthodox methods.
After the war, FitzGibbon was twice promotedand helped suppress the Rebellion of 1837. He spent his final years in England, where he was made a military Knight , before dying in 1863"
James FitzGibbon was born in Glin, Limerick, Ire 16 Nov 1780; d. 10 Dec 1863

There is also a James FitzGibbon closer to home. He was born in Belfast, Ire in 1789. Came to Canada with the Royal Engineers, as Chief Carpenter, to build the Rideau Canal. He died in Ottawa 5 Dec 1868

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