18 June 2011

Ottawa Branch Library

Would you like a sneak peak at the new City of Ottawa Archives? After being packed away for the move for almost six month, the Ottawa Branch Library, along with the rest of the City of Ottawa Archives and the other Partners' collections, will be available again. The official opening is scheduled for 27 June with the facility on normal hours on Tuesday 28 June. But the library volunteers will be allowed in the week before for orientation and familiarization. You can get a sneak peak by volunteering to assist in the Branch library for the next year.

In anticipation of an increased number of visitors, we will be expanding the hours for the volunteers. We need more people to help the visiting researchers. The volunteers serve as monitors, giving limited advice and re-shelving books. If you cannot do a regular shift, we can always use spares to fill in. Anyone willing to provide this valuable but not onerous service should contact me at pastchair@ogs0ttawa.on.ca

The Archives will be open Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 4pm and, from September to May, Saturday 10am to 5pm. We would like to have volunteers to cover the whole day, so one volunteer for the morning, 9am to 1 pm, and another in the afternoon, noon to 4pm. Similarly 10am to 2pm and 1-5pm on Saturday. Most of us only work every second week but I am open to more or less frequently if you want. Existing volunteers got first crack at the schedule but if you would like to volunteer to help in the Archives, there are still several time periods available

There will be an orientation day prior to opening to the public. There will also be a new Instruction Manual as procedures will change in the new building.

It is a remarkable facility and I think everyone will be very pleased with it.

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