18 June 2011

Timeline for Ontario June 12 to 18

June 12
1783  Major Samuel Holland reached Cataraqui, site of the old French Fort Frontenac, to undertake surveys for the proposed loyalist settlement.
1903  The Ontario government established a seven-mile per-hour speed limit for automobiles.

June 13
1818  Richard Talbot sailed for British North America with 200 Irish settlers -- the founders of St. Thomas, Ontario
1832  Cholera made its dreaded appearance in Upper Canada, striking Cornwall.
1833  At Perth, the last fatal duel in Ontario occurred between John Wilson and Robert Lyon after quarrelling over a local school teacher, Elizabeth Hughes. Lyon was killed. Wilson acquitted of murder, married Hughes and later became an MP and a judge.

June 14
1875  The extensive lumber mills of W C Edwards & Co. at Rockland were destroyed by fire.
1905  Touted by many as the most exciting department store next to New York's Macy's, T. Lindsay Co. opened in Ottawa. The building it occupied was known as the Daly Building.

June 15
1909  The Prescott-Ogdensburg Ferry Co. was formed.
1927  Morse Robb of Belleville patented a working model of the world's first electric organ.

June 16
1784  A party of 250 Loyalists, travelling by bateaux from Sorel, landed along the Bay of Quinte and established what was to become the settlement of Adolphustown.
1905  Samuel Bingham, who spent most of his adult life on the Gatineau River as a raftsman, and was a notable mayor of Ottawa from 1897 to 1899, drowned near Wakefield, Quebec.

June 17
1876  Bobcaygeon was incorporated as a village.
1936  The Petawawa military airport was officially opened as the "Silver Dart Aerodrome," a name commemorating a flight of the Silver Dart there in 1909.

June 18
1812  At the urging of President James Madison, the United States declared war on Great Britain.
1870  George Howard Ferguson, premier of Ontario from 1923 to 1930, was born in Kemptville.

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