21 September 2011

Timeline Sept 21 to 24

Sept 21
1822  Dr. Solomon Jones, builder in 1921 of "Old Homewood" near Maitland, and one of the first doctors to practice in Upper Canada, died.
1852  Mayor Henry J Friel's request to the Executive Council that Bytown be incorporated as a city and named Ottawa was accepted.
1902  Howie Morenz, named Canada's hockey played of the half-century in a 1950 Canadian Press poll, was born in Mitchell.

Sept 22
1930  The House of Commons passed the Unemployment Relief Bill.

Sept 23
1787  Sir John Johnson concluded a treaty with chiefs of the Mississauga Indians by which they ceded lands extending westward from the Bay of Quinte to the Etobicoke River.
1870  The cornerstone of a new Carleton County courthouse on Nicholas Street in Ottawa was laid by the grandmaster of the Canadian Masons.

Sept 24
1905  James Henry Fleming place a band on the leg of a robin in his garden at Toronto. This was the first wild bird in Canada to be marked with a numbered and recorded band.
1962  The Garden of the Provinces was opened at Ottawa by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

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