08 September 2011

Timeline Sept 8 to 10

Sept 8
1952  Television broadcasting by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation began from Toronto's CBLT station.
1968  The first of 10,000 Czech refugees, who fled from their homeland after the Soviet invasion, arrived in Ontario.

Sept 9
1615  Etienne Burle became the first European to visit the site of modern-day Toronto. He was also probably the first Euorpean to see all of the Great Lakes.
1954  Marilyn Bell of Toronto, aged 16, became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario between Youngstown, New York and Toronto.
1959  It was announced that Canada's first nuclear power station would be built near Kincardine, on Lake Huron.

Sept 10
1813  American ships on Lake Erie under Captain Oliver Perry defeated British ships under Captain Robert Barclay. During the engagement, Perry issued his famous message, "We have met the enemy and they are ours."
1814  The St. Lawrence, the largest warship built on either side during the War of 1812, was launched at Kingston.
1895  The Sault Ste Marie Canal was opened.

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