05 September 2011

Timeline Sept 4 to 7

Sept 4
1876  Ned Hanlan of Toronto won the world rowing championship at Philadelphia.
1888  Canon Henry Scadding founded the Pioneer Association of Ontario by uniting Toronto's York Pioneers and their counterpart in Brampton. This association became the Ontario Historical Society.

Sept 5
1804  Sponsored by Thomas Douglas, Lord Selkirk, who later founded the Red River Colony, 15 families of Scottish emigrants settled near Wallaceburg.
1944  An earthquake occurred near Cornwall. Damage was estimated at $500,000.
1945  At Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, a nuclear chain reaction was initiated when the ZEEP (Zero Energy Experimental Pile) reactor went into operation.

Sept 6
1806  The Mississauga Indians ceded to the crown 85,000 acres in the area of Halton and Peel Counties.
1883  The Maid of the Mist made her first voyage at Niagara Falls.

Sept 7
1850  A treaty was concluded between the Province of Canada and nine Ojibwa chiefs whereby territory was surrendered extending some 640 km along the shore of Lake Superior.
1977  Cindy Nicholas of Toronto became the first woman and youngest competitor to complete a two-way crossing of the English Channel.

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