29 September 2011

Timeline Sept 28 to Oct 1

Sept 28
1066  William the Conquerer, the Duke of Normandy, invaded England.
1781  American forces, backed by a French fleet, began the siege of Yorktown Heights, VA, during the Revolutionary War.
1828  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Bytown was formally opened by the Rev. John Machan of Kingston.
1960  The Skyway Bridge between Prescott and Ogdensburg, NY, was opened.
1972  At Moscow in the final minute of the last game of the Team Canada-USSR series, Paul Henderson of Toronto scored the winning goal.

Sept 29
1793  John Graves Simcoe reached Lac Au Claire and renamed it Lake Simcoe in memory of his father.
1827  The ceremony of laying the Rideau Canal two tonne cornerstone at Entrance Bay was presided over by Gov. General Lord Dalhousie.
1878  The Baptist Tabernacle (First Baptist Church), at Laurier and Elgin streets in Ottawa, held its opening service.
1935  Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock singer and musician, was born.

Sept 30
1760  Major Robert Rogers, a famous American frontier soldier, arrived at Fort Toronto. His mission was to capture French posts on the western frontier.
1846  Ether was used as an anesthetic for the first time, at the office of Boston dentist William Morton.
1871  British garrisons throughout Canada were called home to be replaced by Canadian militia.

Oct 1
1884  The first women were admitted to University College, University of Toronto.
1908  Henry Ford introduced the Model T auto to the market. Each car cost $825.
1961  The Canadian Television Network (CTV) was inaugurated.
1962  Johnny Carson debuted as regular host of NBC's "Tonight" show.

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