01 August 2012

The Ontario Name Index (TONI)

This is the recent report from the TONI Team:

      We added a record 65 417 entries in July, due to an increase in volunteers.  But we need more - we´d like to be adding 100 000 each month.  If you would like to help, e-mail toni@ogs.on.ca. There are many projects to work on, so we can find one to suit you.  Most of the work is done in your home on your computer.
      TONI now has 611 773 entries.  The big addition this month was all of the cemetery transcripts for Prince Edward County.  There was a good start on Carleton Co and more for Haliburton and Kent.  Ottawa Branch continues indexing its family histories - they now have 54 266 entries.
      The cemetery transcripts up are:
Carleton          12 750
Durham              7 038
Haliburton          6 330
Halton and Peel   19 926
Hastings          81 624
Kent              30 007
Northumberland    72 137
Peterborough            85 115
Prince Edward           36 946
Renfrew                428
Victoria                       11
Waterloo          11 393
Wellington            131 395

      Next month we expect more from Carleton, Haliburton, Kent, and Victoria.

Locally Ottawa volunteers have been busy with the Family Histories in the library and the Cemetery transcriptions. Not all have been processed into TONI yet but we currently have submitted 132,511 entries and have another 154,000 in the pipeline. The Ottawa Branch scrapbooks are at the Provincial Office to be digitized and we hope to have them back soon to be indexed and added to TONI. If you would like to help with this massive project, contact me at TONI@ogs.on.ca.

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