27 December 2012

War of 1812

War of 1812

Display at the War Museum re war of 1812 will end 6 January 1813

104th Regiment of Foot.
 A re-enactment will be carried out by members of the Canadian Army duplicating the original march
[They left Fredericton for Quebec City on 16 Feb 1813. 6 Companies left a day apart reaching Quebec. They were eventually sent to Kingston and then to Niagara]

Other info

1921 Census   Will be released to the public during 2013. Should I not hold my breath??

2 Feb 2013  A Day at the Archives will be held at Ottawa City Archives many subjects will be  dealt  with. Look for a flier.

New project re the Irish      REF; Ottawa Citizen. Wed. 26 Dec 2012, pg D3
A group is reaching out to those of Irish descent using 'reverse genealogy'

Your Money
Anyone drawing CPP or a gov't pension will have their 29 Jan 2013 payment increased by 1.9%
OAS will increase by $1.09 also on 29 Jan.  Enjoy

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