13 November 2011

Timeline Nov 13 to 15

Nov 13
1775  American forces captured Montreal during the American Revolution.
1813  At Nanticoke, Norfolk militia under the leadership of Lt-Col Henry Bostwick routed a band of American marauders who had terrorized the countryside.
1838  Battle of the Windmill - A force of American "Hunters" led by Col Nils Szoltevcky Von Shoultz landed near Prescott with the aim of driving a wedge between Upper and Lower Canada. Seizing Windmill Point, they fought for three days before surrendering.

Nov 14
1765  Robert Fulton, American inventor, was born.
1891  Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, was born at Alliston.
1962  Sioux Rock, depicting Indian legends, was discovered at Port Arthur.
1969  Apollo 12 was launched on the second manned mission to the moon.

Nov 15
1738  William Herschell, German born English astronomer, was born. Died Aug. 25, 1822.
1777  The Second Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, a precursor to the Constitution of the United States.
1837  Rebel leader William Lyon Mackenzie published a constitution for Upper Canada essentially based on the constitution of the US.

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