11 November 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Crysler's Farm 11 Nov. 1813

Ref; 'Field of Glory' by Donald E Graves.
This book will inform one of everything one would want to know about this battle. It also deals with the Battle of Chateauguay [refer to my post of 26 Oct.]
Info also available in Pierre Burton's 'Flames across the Border' 1813-1814 pgs 235-243; and
Jon Latimer's '1812 War with America' pg 195-216

From a booklet by Donald E Graves a ' Brillliant Little Affair' Canadian Battle Series #13, outside back cover, "Nov. 11, 1813 was a gray wintry day. In the fields of [near] John Crysler's farm on the banks of the St. Lawrence a combined body of British regulars and Canadian Militia faced off against a much superior American invasion force. The battle that ensued made an important contribution to the outcome of the War of 1812. The American defeat at Crysler's Farm ended the most serious invasion of Canada during a war that had already raged for seventeen months"

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