03 November 2011

Timeline Nov 3 to 5

Nov 3
1843  Owing to lack of adequate housing facilities in Kingston for officials of the legislature of the United Canada, the decision was taken to transfer the capital to Montreal.
1873  In the House of Commons, Sir John A Macdonald delivered his famous five-hour speech in the face of charges of corruption - the Pacific Scandal.
1894  The first issue of Le Temps was published in Ottawa.
1957  One of the most advanced atomic energy reactors in the world was opened at Chalk River.

Nov 4
1858  Robert Simpson opend his first Canadian store in Newmarket.
1876  Mount Pleasant Cemetery opened in Toronto.
1956  Soviet troops moved in to crush a revolt in Hungary.
2008  Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States.

Nov 5
1873  A bleak day in the life of Sir John A Macdonald. Having been charged with accepting bribes in connection with the award of the transcontinental railway contract, his government was forced to resign.
1981  Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau reached an accord with the premiers of all provinces of Canada except Quebec for the patriation of the constitution.

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