07 November 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Tippecanoe 7 Nov. 1811 200th Anniversary

Ref; Pierre Burton, 'The Invasion of Canada 1812-1813' pages 69-77, for a detailed account of the battle??
Arguably the first engagement of the War of 1812 "It is not even a battle, more a minor skirmish, and indecisive, for Harrison, in spite of his claims, loses far more men than the Indians" [Harrison lost 37 soldiers, 150 wounded of whom 25 die of their injuries, The Indians lost 25 warriors].
William Henry Harrison was the governor of Indianna territory and wanted to raise it to statehood with more white settlers
For the Indians, led by Tecumseh's brother, "it will be the final incident that provokes them to follow Tecumseh to Canada, there to fight on the British side in the war of 1812"
Ref; Gilbert Collins 'Guidebook to the historic Sites of War of 1812' pg 59
"Today the battlefield of Tippecanoe is commemorated in the 90 Acre Tippecanoe Battlefield Park, which features a museum, with displays on the battle." for further info visit their website at www.tippecanoehistory.org

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