13 May 2012

Timeline May 13 to 15

May 13
1787  Captain Arthur Phillip leaves Portsmouth, England, with eleven ships full of convicts (the "First Fleet") to establish a penal colony in Australia.
1880  In Menlo Park, New Jersey, Thomas Edison performs the first test of his electric railway.
1917  Three children report the first apparition of Our Lady of Fátima in Fátima, Portugal.
1940  Winston Churchill told the British House of Commons in his first speech as prime minister, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."
1940  Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands flees her country to Great Britain after the Nazi invasion. Princess Juliana takes her children to Canada for their safety.

May 14
1607  An English colony was settled at Jamestown in present-day Virginia.
1796  English physician Edward Jenner administered the first vaccination against smallpox.
1804  The Lewis and Clark expedition left St. Louis to explore the Louisiana Territory.
1948  The independent state of Israel was proclaimed as British rule in Palestine came to an end.

May 15
1859  Pierre Curie, French physicist, was born. He won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903.
1919  The Winnipeg General Strike began. By 11:00 am, almost the whole working population of Winnipeg, Manitoba had walked off the job.
1940  McDonald's opens its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

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