03 May 2012

Timeline May 3 to 5

May 3
1481  Mehmed II, Ottoman Sultan died. (b. 1432)
1903  Bing Crosby, American singer, actor and songwriter, was born.
1915  The poem In Flanders Fields is written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

May 4
1675 – King Charles II of England orders the construction of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
1814 – Emperor Napoleon I of France arrives at Portoferraio on the island of Elba to begin his exile.
1904 – The United States begins construction of the Panama Canal.

May 5
1260  Kublai Khan becomes ruler of the Mongol Empire.
1494  Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Jamaica and claims it for Spain.
1821  Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the island of St. Helena.

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